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5 New Condiments with No High-Fructose Corn Syrup

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Condiments With No High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Condiments With No High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Today’s update contains condiments with no high-fructose corn syrup! Condiments seem to be one of the hardest product areas to find hfcs-free versions.  Some of these were suggestions by visitors and some were items I came across while doing my own surfing. I did do my own research though, and have included the links so you can check out the ingredients for yourself.

Here are today’s additions:

Some of these are harder to find than others, but I think they are all worth seeking out. Also, if you look at the simplicity of most of the ingredients, it seems like most of these would be easy to make at home.  I’ve tried making barbecue sauce and pickles with success in the past.

The mayonnaise is a bit trickier – it contains raw eggs, which I’m kind of “oogie” about. So I think I would use something like Egg Beaters, which are pasteurized. Or whole pasteurized eggs, which you can find in a few places now a days.

The mustard ought to be easy enough – I think it probably has mostly to do with getting the proportions just right and letting it sit long enough. I have a feeling it’s the type of thing that “the longer it sits, the better it gets!”  🙂


Leave me a note in the comments or contact me via the contact form if you have any more condiments (or other items) to add to the list. It’s been growing a lot lately, which is good news. It means “they” are listening to us!

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  1. Have you considered products made by “Walden Farms” (check the spelling on “Walden). They produce an entire line of products that where intended for Diabetics. Consider this; Low calorie/No calorie and a low yield of fats. Condiments that taste great. Salad dressings, B-barque sauces, ketchup even chocolate syrup, and many other products. They’re not always that easy to find, I had to go on line to find them, however i have had luck at SPROUTS Markets. If you entertain, your guests may not even know. My tastes are not as sophisticated as many others, I just know what tastes good.

  2. Thank you for this website and e-mail alerts! A family member has dietary fructose intolerance (also known as fructose malabsorption). While I cook a lot from scratch, sometimes I don’t have time (and homemade marshmallows are a lot of work!).

    We love the Weber BBQ sauces, which just came on the market in our area last summer. Summer can provide many challenges, including s’mores, a family favorite. You may add these to your list (it is how we now make s’mores at our house). We use Hershey’s chocolate (already on your list), Nabisco Grahams (red box), and Dandies brand of vegan marshmallows (our local Whole Foods has them).

    Also, Whole Foods and Costco carry whip cream brands with no corn syrup (at Costco it is the Land O Lakes brand).

  3. Skipper Dillon says:

    I found the Garland Jack’s BBQ sauce in a S Austin Wal Mart (IH 35 & Slaughter Ln.) several months ago. I used to buy the Bulleye untill they went back to HFC’s.
    Garland Jack’s is from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and it is very good, only 6 main ingredients.

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