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No HFCS Pepsi? That’s Perfect! Actually, It’s “Pepsi Perfect”

Pepsi is coming out with a limited edition product called "Pepsi Perfect," and it has no high-fructose corn syrup! You might have heard that it's coming out to coincide with the date Marty McFly DeLaurean'd his way to in the third 'Back to the Future' movie - October 21, 2015. There was a fictional product in the movie called, "Pepsi Perfect," and Pepsi is joining in on the fun. Of course, it would be better if Pepsi truly was perfect and had caught up to the times by now, and removed HFCS from its formula. But this is cool for now - it's a fun idea, and I don't want to be a downer. I'm not adding it to the big List of Products With no High-Fructose Corn Syrup since it's limited edition. And also, it costs $20.15US!!!  But here is … [Read more...]

CHEWY Granola Bars With No HFCS

The Corn Refiner's Association tells us that high-fructose corn syrup is what makes your favorite chewy cookies, granola bars, etc. so chewy.  Some manufacturers do go that route, sure.  But there are other ways to make bakery items chewy without using hfcs! (I'll post my chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe later!) But this post is about a new chewy granola bar by Amish Naturals, set to be on store shelves next month!  Since it's not out yet, I can't add it to the list (yet).  But when it does come out I will not only add it to the list, but I'll write a review here for it as well. According to this press release, the chewy granola bars will come in the following flavors: Dark Chocolate (Five 1.4 oz bars per carton; each bar … [Read more...]