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One episode of Boston Legal had the character Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen) bringing a lawsuit against a snack food company for contributing to the obesity of a client.

Her biggest argument was about all of the research and information there is out there about high fructose corn syrup and about how this one snack food company just loaded its food with it. Her claim was that her client’s satiety level was blocked so successfully that he had to keep eating and eating in order just to feel a little bit full. She claimed also that this snack food company had to be aware of the dangers of hfcs but went ahead and used it anyway.

It never showed the case actually going to court beyond going in front of the judge to see whether it was to be dismissed or not. But she won her case – got the judge to agree that it should be heard and that a lawsuit was reasonable.

I can see this happening in real life. Hopefully the over-saturization of items with hfcs will come to an end before it comes to that!

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