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Trader Joe’s 100% Maple Syrup

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It will probably come as no surprise to most that Trader Joe’s has 100% Maple Syrup (no high-fructose corn syrup, of course) and Organic 100% Maple Syrup (No HFCS there, either).

But I was surprised to find it for about half the price the super-market sells it for.  I have eliminated HFCS out of most of my diet (that I know of), but it’s not always easy when you have a child.  Especially if that child likes pancakes on occasion.

I had always found the price of real maple syrup prohibitive.  But I’m happy to report my find today at Trader Joe’s, and that I brought home a bottle of it in my grocery sack this afternoon.  I am very happy about this!

Increasingly, it seems that Trader Joe’s has nearly every type of item you would find in a regular grocery store with the exceptions that it is better quality, healthier, fresher, less expensive, and the staff is down-to-Earth, friendly, and happy you are there!

I guess I’ll make a new category on High-Fructose High for “Raves.”  And this post about Trader Joe’s gets to be the innaugural entry!

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  1. I’m stumbling across this site very late. Good info! I just bought Trader Joe’s organic maple syrup for $5, such a good deal. I’ve thought for a while that I need to switch. When I got home, I pulled my half-empty Aunt Jemima LITE bottle and was shocked to find that NOWHERE in the ingredient list does it even mention “maple syrup.” You know, how fruit juice labels say “Contains Real Juice!” I was at least expecting that, but no!! It’s 100% fake crap. I’m really mad that I didn’t read the label when I first bought the bottle!

  2. I’ve been crazy about how easy Trader Joe’s makes shopping healthfully. On a recent store tour, I was told that almost every product in the store is HFCS-free, with the exception of some of their jams/jellies.
    I’ve been on the real maple syrup bandwagon since I found it there (affordable, like you said). I still can’t get my husband to give up Mrs. Butterworth’s, though. I cringe everytime he sets it on the table. I won’t even get it out of the cabinet for him. I tell him if he wants his “death syrup,” he better get it out. I did see a “pancake syrup” at Whole Foods that I think was HFCS-free, but if I recall it was almost $10 for a bottle!

  3. Ok so give us a dollar amount! I used to spend $9 on the organic 100% maple syrup from Safeway and just switched to non-organic 100% maple syrup for about $4 less. Not sure if there’s really much of a difference between the two. Either way, my stomach turned when I was picking up my syrup yesterday and heard a young child yell, “Mom, we need syrup. I like Aunt Jemima” Ugh.

    – Brad

  4. Shirley says:

    This is great news! I don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby, but some of my friends do. Another option to consider for pancakes is honey. We raise our own bees so we use our honey as much as possible for sweetening/topping. It’s easy to find local honey, which is always better than store-bought honey. Mix a little butter with honey and gently warm and then pour over pancakes. Delicious.

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